Thandi Sadak in Nainital

Nainital is a serene beautiful hill station which has natural beauty in abundance. The best part, however, is that it still holds the old world charm from the time of British. Nainital is a heaven for people who like to stroll. One can always plan for long walks, breathing fresh air and enjoy the scenic beauty all around.

Lake Darshan from Thandi Sadak in Nainital

Thandi  Sadak, as its perplexing name suggests is a cold road by the other side of Naini Lake. It pre-supposes the serene and scenic beauty of beautiful green hills that surrounds Nainital and Naini Lake. This road is completely lined up with thick patterns of pine, oak and deodar trees which restrict the sunrays over it, keeping its temperature way below than other places in Nainital.

This place is also ideal for morning joggers and one can see many people of different age groups leisurely strolling. The road, stretches for around one kilometer, is meant only for pedestrians, meaning no vehicles are allowed here. Also there are no houses, hotels or shops on this road, so there is always a sense of tranquility while walking on this road.

Thandi Sadak is a great place to spend some quality time away from the cacophony of the city even by being right in the middle of the city. A walk on this road offers every tourist an exhilarating sensation.

How to Reach Thandi Sadak in Nainital

Lake Darshan from Thandi Sadak

Thandi Sadak is at a distance of around 1.8 km from Tallital. To reach here, turn northwards on Nainital- Bhowali Road, pass Mata ka Mandir on the right side and then turn left at Dynasty Resort on NH-87. After around 1.2 km, passing roadways bus stand, continue to Thandi road towards DSB road reaching your destination at the right side. Auto Rickshaw and cabs are easily available from anywhere in the city.

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