Entertainment in Nainital

Nainital is a renowned hill station of India and there are several activities that takes place throughout the year. The people of this city believe in day time compartment and the nightlife is almost absent due to the location and atmosphere of the city. The people here are busy in attending the tourists and do not have time to spend in clubs, instead they prefer to take rest and get ready for the next day earnings. Tourism is the main source of their earnings. Apart from this the tourists avail the facilities of several hotels which provide night activities such as games, parties, etc for their tourists.

Nightlife in Nainital

Nightlife in Nainital

Nightlife in Nainital is neither rampant nor absent. This is the best place in India where there are few bars, clubs and parties organized in the city at certain time by the visitors. The main purpose of these visitors are to enjoy the holidays with their family and friends. Exploring this area is very entertaining and camping makes this city a world famous and unforgettable memories are generated. Camping forms an entertainment part of the nightlife of the city. There are very less number of clubs and bars located in Nainital. The nights are chill and cold, because of this it is not preferred by tourists to come out of their comfort of the luxury hotels to spend night in clubs.

Clubs in Nainital

Clubs in Nainital offer several facilities such as snooker tables, bar, library, entertaining mediums and poker to its visitors. The famous club in Nainital is:

Nainital Boat Club
Mall Rd, Mallital
Nainital, Uttarakhand - 263002
Phone no.: 05942 235 318

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Famous hotels like Zoomland and Manu Maharani Hotel located at Sukhtal provides bar facility and other similar items. Several parties can be arranged by the visitors for their own entertainment. Along with these, there is a famous Research Institute of Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) which is located about 9 km away from Nainital. It is the best place to visit and observe the star gaze through telescopes.

Cinema Halls in Nainital

Cinema halls are the best means and a place of entertainment for the people of Nainital city. These cinema halls entertain people of the city along with the visitors. This is the best means to keep the body entertained and relaxed from hectic work. There are several multiplex which attract the people of city along with old cinema halls that are operating within and nearby locations of the Nainital. Famous cinema halls in Nainital are:

Prem Cinema
Near Roadways, Bus Stand
Nainital - 263002
Phone no.: 05946250157

Naheed Cinema in Nainital
Railway Bazar, Mallital
Nainital - 263002
Phone no.: 05946251310

Laxmi Talkies
Near Mangal Parao,
Mall Road
Nainital - 263002
Phone no.: 05946220011

Therefore, the nightlife in Nainital is somewhat existing, however, other means of entertainment for tourists of this city are available in abundance.
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