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Tourist Places near Nainital

Nainital is one of the best and famous tourist place of India. It is blessed with several nearby hill stations, picnic spots and other tourist attractions. It is the crowded place throughout the year for the nature lovers and working professionals to get relax from the hectic work. Below are the few places that form the attraction of the Nainital city and nearby locations.


Nainital Tourist Place

Mukteshwar is a hill station and a known picnic spot in Nainital district. It is located high at the Kumaon hills at a height of 2286 meter. It is situated about 51 kilometers away from Nainital and approx 72 km from the Haldwani. It is the best place for enjoying party and other picnic events with family and friends because of the moderate climate entire the year. Summers here are some warm and has moderate rainfall, however, the winters are very cool and the monsoons are slightly cool with experiencing heavy rainfall. The most entertaining thing at this place is the natural beauty and the famous Kumaon radio service. It is the best means of entertainment and is the center for providing information, news and music to the visitors of Mukteshwar and nearby tourist locations.

Mukteshwar is known for its natural scene beauty, this is an ideal spot for picnic with spending time with near and dear ones. This place provides the clear view of the Himalayas and the Nanda Devi peak which is the second highest peak in India. The area is known for the agriculture and there are several fruit orchard and potato fields that adds addition charm and beauty to the nature and enjoyment at this place.


Almora is known as the popular hill station around Nainital. It is one of the best tourist place near Nainital and is known for beautiful natural locations, large view of the Himalaya's range, rich culture and the world famous handicrafts. It provides a picnic spot for the nature lovers and people who wants to enjoy their vacations with their children and family. People usually come here to spend their time of vacations with dear ones and get relaxed from the hectic routine of the life. The popular item of this area is auspicious cuisines that attract the food lovers to this place. Enjoying natural beauty along with the delicious food items adds another charm to the vacations. This city is located at an altitude of 1,638 meters above the sea level and is located at the ranges of Kashaya hill that makes this place a compatible hill station for visitors. Almora is divided in two parts from east to west. Eastern part is known as Talifat and western portion is called Selifat. The famous attraction of the place is the Chitai temple, Nanda Devi temple, Jageshwar temple and old sun temple that is around 800 years old.

Chaubatia Orchard

Tourist Place

Chaubatia orchard is located at Ranikhet and is also among the picnic locations and tourist place near the Nainital city. This place is known for the world famous apple orchard and other items such as plums, peaches and apricots. It is also the famous agricultural spot that popularize it as rich area in vegetables farming. It is also the best and Holiday spot for spending few days in natural environment. Chaubatia Orchard provides the clear view of the snow fall in Himalaya along with the beauty of the Nanda Devi Nilkanth, Trishul and Nandaghunti.

They are the popular attractions of this place. This place is away from the traffic of the city and is the naturally silent area. It provides the enchanting and calm experience of the morning at this beautiful place. Along with the above attractions there are other places to be visited and enjoyed during picnic celebration in Chaubatia such as Government Apple garden and Fruit Research Center. Chaubatia Orchard place provides the choice among the varieties of Apples throughout the season. Bhalidam is about 3 km away from the heart of this place of Chaubatia Orchard where there is an artificial lake that can be enjoyed along with enjoying picnic at this place.


Ramgarh is a small hill station and a picnic spot along with the tourist attraction near the Nainital. It is located on the road way from Mukteshwar to Nainital. It is known for the beautiful orchards and is also among the Himalaya's sight-viewing locations in India. Tourist visit this place to be the witness of the beauty of snow fall on the Himalayas during winter season. Ramgarh provides the clear vision of this natural miracle. This place also witness the time period of the famous Indian poets like Rabindra Nath Tagore who in combination with one of the social worker Narain Swami established the famous Ashram at this Ramgarh area. Ramgarh also has a library that is special dedicated to the writing works of famous Indian writer Mahadevi Varma.

This area is located at an height of 1,518 mts. Ramgarh is the nearest tourist place near Mukteshwar and is known as the "Fruit Bowl of Kumaon", because of the various orchards available here that are rich in peach, apples, apricots and pears. The other nearby locations of the area are Hartola and Nathuakhan. People from all over the nearby location of India come to spend their one day leaves at this place, as it is easily accessible from the nearby location due to best connectivity by road to the major cities of North India.

Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo

This zoo is the best picnic and tourist spot in Nainital area. It was established in 1984 and opened for visitors after 1995. It is a high altitude zoo of India that has variety of wild animals and birds like leopard cat, red jungle fowl, golden pheasant, snow leopard, tibetan wolf, lady amherst pheasant, rose ringed parakeet and many other birds and animals. The zoo is well maintained that has special shelter facilities for the animals and birds in the zoo.

This famous Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude zoo is located at an altitude of 2,150 meters from the sea level and lies in the midst of the Himalayas and Shivalik ranges. Another attraction of this area is the forest that is filled with the beaut of large varieties of oak trees. As per location and accessibility of this city is not much difficult due to it well road connectivity with the major and nearby tourist locations of Nainital. It is only about 2 km away from the famous Tallita bus stand of Nainital. Apart from the road travel people also prefer to travel on foot to reach this zoo and the beautiful natural sights on the way. This also fulfills their lust for strolling in the Nainital.

Naukuchia Tal

Naukuchia Tal is one of the famous and small hill station of Nainital district. It is the most popular among all the lakes because of the design and shape. There are nine corners in the lake that are the best attraction reason for tourists to visit this location. The name of this place is derived for this reason. The Naukuchia Tal is about 175 feet deep and is located about 1220 meters above the sea level. The tourists are attracted to see the natural beauty of the lake and the surrounding areas, because this place is surrounded by the hills, shrubs and tall trees that makes it secure from all the sides and a complete package for sight viewing, strolling and spending a day near the lake.

This place is the place of high crowed area for birds that migrate from different locations to this place. It has boating facility in the lake where people can enjoy the boating on the different types of boats such as paddle boats and yachts. It is located at a distance of 26 km from Nainital and 4 km from the famous Bhimtal. It has the clean and pleasant water that forms the best attraction for nature lovers. Bird watching is among the main reason to visit this Naukuchia tal.


Bhimtal place near Nainital

Bhimtal is bigger than Naini lake and is named after the Bhim who was one of the Pandavas from the Mahabharata epic. This place is facilitated with the facilities such as boating, fishing and accommodations to the tourists visiting this place. It is located at an elevation of 1370 meters above the sea level. It is a popular picnic and scenic place in Nainital and the nearby locations which provide sight viewing of the natural beauty. The famous temple of the area is Bhimeshwara Mahadev temple that is located on th bank of Bhimtal.

Bhimtal is much older than the Nainital city and thousands of visitors visit this area throughout the year to enjoy the beauty of the lake. It is the preferred excursion place by the people visiting the nearby locations of Nainital and Haldwani. It is the most peaceful and silent place with less population and low human traffic of visitors ans local people. It is the best water sporting location for sports lovers visiting this place from entire world. The climate of Bhimtal is pleasant throughout the year and slightly salubrious at the time of summer season, and sometimes very cold during winter and for the rest of the monsoon the atmosphere remains cool.


Bhowali is a famous hill station near Nainital city that is the attraction of huge tourists population throughout the year. People who visit Nainital also visit this place because of its location and natural beauty. It is located at the height of 1706 meters above the sea level and 11 km away from Nainital city. It is well connected by the road to the Nainital and other nearby hill stations.

It has nestled green locations and mountains surrounded by trees and supports the clear view of the Himalaya ranges. This place provides the feeling of heaven on Earth because of its natural beauty and beautiful sights. It is a perfect location for photography and is loved by every visitor. The environment throughout the year is cool and calm due to the various fauna and flora available in Bhowali. Tourist visiting this place also enjoy the special dishes and the famous food bazaar where every famous items of the area can be purchased. The popular food items include bal mithai, juices, pickles, etc. Bhowali has a famous T.B Sanatorium that was establishes in the year 1912 to serve the patients suffering from tuberculosis and other lungs diseases. These are the best attractions of the Bhowali that results in the heavy visitors at this place.

Apart from the above mentioned lake and tourist attractions near Nainital city also include the small areas and locations of Sattal, Naina Peak, Hanuman Giri, etc that forms the beauty and tourist attraction throughout the year.

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