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Environmental Degradation in Nainital

Nainital is a known hill station in India that is famous for the heavy crowd of visitors throughout the year. Therefore, the heavy population gathered at this hill station leads to several natural and environmental disequilibrium, environmental degradation is among the one. It is the deterioration of environment by the depletion of natural resources such as air, water and soil. All these factors have great impact on environment health and also on Nainital as a whole, because of its location and heavy tourism.

The climate, other natural and human created calamities lead to environmental degradation in Nainital. This city is also emerging as a great opportunity for the industrialists to set up new business and industries, this form the main cause for leading the above environmental problem. Advanced technology in the city is also another cause that leads the technological pollution. Further, it is the root cause for destruction of natural habitats and resources. If the tourists visiting and the frequency of cutting of trees for construction of residential buildings and hotels buildings are not controlled, then it will surely lead to fragile ecosystem.

Environmental degradation in Nainital

This impact of environmental gradation in Nainital can be depicted by the Nainital lake and the surrounding areas. Few years back lakes in Nainital have experienced heavy natural imbalance and because of this there was the scarcity of fresh oxygen in the lakes that led to the death of several fishes in the lake. The insufficient oxygen is caused due to air pollution and chemically polluted water that is supplied into lakes. An anaerobic lake condition in Naini lake has caused an unfavorable environment that harm the living habitats and food chain of the fishes. Hence it impact the shape, quality, size and number of fishes in it.

In order to cope with this problem of environmental pollution, the state government and tourist department have taken several remedial steps to control and improve the ecology of the Naini lake and city as a whole. There is a dedicated day which is celebrated as the "Clean up Nainital day" and is celebrated on September 18 every year. There is a program currently running in the city to upgrade the ecological balance and reduce the environmental degradation.

De-silting of Naini lake is started and afforestation is undergone to cope with the environmental problems in this city and maintain ecological balance. Lake of Nainital is highly impacted by the pollution in the city, therefore, in order to resolve this problem the government and local environmental groups have started an aeration project that is concerned with improving the biological oxygen level in the lake. This is a very slower process to increase the level of rich oxygen in lake water that will be suitable for the better life of fishes in the lake.

Moreover, to improve the environmental condition in Nainital the above steps started further requires the contribution from the locals along with the tourists visiting this place to help in maintaining the hygienic condition of the lake along with the city. Due to the above-mentioned oxygenating process in the lake has made the lake water clear and new healthy fishes can be seen all around the lake. High variety of fishes are also introduced in the lake to entertain tourists.

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