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Boating in Nainital

The pleasures of boating were introduced to mankind from the beginning of civilization itself. There are several stories of the princesses of ore who spent many a languorous summer day floating on the placid lakes. The scenario may be from the Nile in Egypt or the lakes of Nainital in India or a hundred similar setting all over the world. The tableaux may change from place to place culture to culture but the sheer pleasure of putting hand to oar and drifting off on a boating trip has excited even the most mild hearted amongst us at one time of or the other.

Boating in Nainital

Boating in Lakes of Nainital

There are several natural lakes nestled in the hills of Nainital. Boating on these lakes is one of the rare pleasures of being a tourist in this area. There are nine lakes in the Nainital area that boast of large expanses of calm water surfaces for a light to heavy vessel to make its way across on paddles or oars and even an outboard motor. Boating is one of the rare pleasures where the tourist can set his own pace. If need be one may just float lazily across the calm surface while taking in the sights around. There are a number of lakes to choose from and the scenes of each lake are different.

The very word ‘taal’ connotes a lake and Nainital the hill station derives its name from the nine basic taals or lakes it holds ensconced within its craggy hill nooks. The most remarkable among these, no doubt, is Naini Lake from which Nainital derives its name. The Kumaon hills hold these lakes of tectonic origin in their very palm. Four among these are the most prominent with Naini Lake taking the lead there is Bhim taal and Naukuchia Tal as well besides the Sattal - could it have been made with the coming together of seven mini lakes as the name suggests - one wonders as one makes a choice of ones favorite boat. If one is on the lookout for a lazy boat ride then it is the oar boat or the rowing boat. If one wants to take up a bit of an exercise them the paddle boat is the answer and yet if one wants the royal relaxed mode of skimming across the surface then yachting probably is the answer. A cozy twosome can be planned on the dancing waters of the shimmering lakes on these two-seater yachts with some soft music and mood food tucked away in a picnic basket.

Boat Rides on Hire in Nainital

The northern end of the lake is called Mallital and the southern end is called Tallital. Boating is a special treat on the lake and there are convenient forms of hiring the services of boats and boatmen by the hour which do not burn a hole in tourists' pocket. From yacht to paddle boat to row boat the rates differ and the boatmen hire out their services as well. There are special stations where one may hire the boats at the standardized rates but there also on offer several short rides alongside the banks of the lake to acquaint the faint hearted ones with the pleasures of a boat ride for a short duration even. Here the rates may be arbitrary but as they suit the tourists who’s to argue.

If boating enthusiasts want value for money then they should go to the largest lake, the Bhimtal famously named for the second of the Pandavas. Situated a mere twenty two kilometers away from Nainital, Bhimtal is 1701 meters in length and has a width of 454 meters. It has a historic landmark of the Pandavas in the form of a temple on one of its banks.

The Boat Club on The Mall Road is a silent sentinel of the historic events that it has witnessed and continues to witness as the several boats float by in several speeds powered by a myriad of dreams and aspirations of the tourists and those who guided them through the natural beauties of the lakes many nooks and crannies. On a cautionary note there is every need to heed to the safety precautions being offered and life jackets are an absolute necessity even for the most experienced and robust of boatmen setting out on the ‘taals’.

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